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CCTV surveillance systems play an important role in securing your home and office. A well planned and installed CCTV systems can do a lot for you. These CCTV cameras records all the actvities happening in your home and office which can be accessed anytime remotely from your computer and smartphone.
We at Nawfa Technologies have a professional team of CCTV Installers to take care of all your CCTV camera installation in Udupi. Our fully equipped installation team will examine the volnerable areas in your premise and suggest best solution to you. We also provide training and regular maintenance for smooth functioning of your security systems. We frequently monitor your surveillance systems and fix the problem immideately if any detected.
There are several benefits of installing CCTV Cameras. These cameras keep an eye in and around your premise throughout the day and night. These cameras can be very helpful for schools. collage, hospitals, society, home, office and public places. These CCTV cmaeras record contineously and prevent any crime from happening. They can also prevent your employees from mis-behaving in your office. The recorded CCTV footage can also be used as a strong evidence against any crime.

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