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Web Applications

We at Nawfa Technologies design fully customised web applications which are easy to use and donot require any technical knowledge. Just a basic computer operating knowledge is more than enough.

The applications that we design can be used from anywhere in the world, with multi users and any number of branches. The applications are designed after considering exact requirements of our customers.

Our Software applications include Applicaions for schools, Doctors, Hotels, Accounting, Billing, Inventory and many more depending on your requirement.

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More Details

Easy to use and fully customised web applications,
Use from any cornor of the world,
Work online or offline depending on your convenience,
Create unlimited users and use from any number of branches,
No yearly subscriptions, Just one time payment with life time support,
Applications designed specially for you after studying your exact requirement,
Professional support via email, Live Chat, Whatsapp and Phone.

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